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Antot Masuka

Hello everyone, My earthquake prediction came true exactly as predicted. I got the minutes right, 11 minutes after the hour was right on; but the hour was off by one hour at the epic center occurring at 2:11 AM instead of 3:11 AM. This earthquake is actually a few hours off when you take take predicted UTC time into consideration, but that is fine, I did say plus or minus a few hours. Sorry to report that two people died during the earthquake, but that is to be expected with major earthquakes. For news information on the earthquake that occurred today, please visit (and look at the exact timing of 11 minutes):

> DOCUMENTATION 1) Please note that this earthquake was documented in NCGR's summer's newsletter of 2010 in the article entitled: The Enlightened Warrior: Uranus in Aries. Most of you have a copy of it. 2)

This date and time was also given out at the A.R.E. presentation on the same subject hosted on Saturday, September 11, 2010. All attendees were asked to note the date and time and to watch for this earthquake. 3) In addition, an email was sent out last week to most on this distribution as a reminder. See your Inbox for: SUBJECT: AUTUMN EQUINOX 2010 - Tonight at 11:09 PM EST; Dated: September 22, 2010 at 1:06 PM. MORE EARTHQUAKES ARE ON THE WAY!!! I am expecting more earthquakes to occur over the next 7-21 days at 6.5 magnitude or greater starting from today in locations far removed from Indonesia.

Another major earthquake (7.0 magnitude or greater) could strike within the next 24-72 hours in this region or elsewhere. All regions should be on watch: Hawaii (Pele on the Big Island), Central & South America, NE USA and Canada (Maine - New Brunswick), Middle East, NE India, Japan (off coast and near Tokyo, Western Russia and the Caribbean Region should all be on earthquake watch. We are not out of the woods until the winter solstice with respect to this particular earthquake energy. One likely date is October 10, 2010. Let's watch for this date as well but other dates between now and the winter solstice are likely. Today's earthquake in Indonesia should be on the news tonight. They really have nothing else to report so they should report this one. Best, Antot PS: If you recalled, I sent the following earthquake prediction last week (check your email of September 22, 2010) for the following:- EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION: 2007-2010 The date for my earthquake prediction or 'explosion of some sort' for 2010 is Thursday,September 30, 2010, 3:11 AM EST - plus or minus a few hours! This earthquake prediction is the last in a series of 4 annual earthquake predictions that I made in January 2007 starting with the first annual earthquake prediction of September 30, 2007.

This means that the September 30, 2010 earthquake was predicted 'almost 4 years ago' based on the September 11, 2007 solar eclipse in Virgo-Leo! For more information on the 2007 Virgo-Leo Solar Eclipsethat happened on September 11, 2007, please visit: For more information on these 4 earthquake Predictions, please visit: EARTHQUAKES OCCURRING ON SEPTEMBER 30, 2010 EARTHQUAKES OCCURRING ON SEPTEMBER 30, 2009 See: Magnitude 8.1 - SAMOA ISLANDS EARTHQUAKES OCCURRING ON SEPTEMBER 30, 2008 See: Magnitude 7.0 - KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND:

EARTHQUAKES OCCURRING ON SEPTEMBER 30, 2007 Three Strong Earthquakes Strikes New Zealand See: Magnitude 7.4 - AUCKLAND ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND 

WHERE WILL THIS SEPTEMBER 30th, 2010 EARTHQUAKE OCCUR? The question of where is difficult to answer. It is difficult to predict place when date and time are predicted and it is difficult to predict date and time when place is predicted. For those who wish to know, here is my best guess: one possible location is the Hawaiian Islands whereby the Big Island of Hawaii is a distinct possibility, i.e., Pele or somewhere near Washington, DC that are worlds a part. This prediction could very well represents an eruption of a volcano somewhere in the world or a political earthquake of some sort occurring in Washington, DC. We shall watch and see! Pele is an active volcano on the surface of Jupiter's moon Io. It is located on Io's trailing hemisphere. A large, 300km (190 mi) tall volcanic plume has been observed at Pele by various spacecraft starting with Voyager in 1979, though it has not been persistent. It is possible that we may see a great volcanic explosion and much increased volcanic activity at Pele on Jupiter's moon Io.

NASA will have to confirm this after the fact! Let's watch for news articles on this subject after September 30, 2010. Jupiter retrograde at 28 degrees conjuncting Uranus retrograde at the same degree in the Mid-heaven also conjuncting the Moon at 27 degrees of Pisces gives us an 'as above so below' mirror of reflection on which to predict explosion of some sort and increased volcanic eruption on Jupiter's moon Io at Pele and possibly the Big Island of Hawaii as well - the home of Madame Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess. According to legend, Madame Pele lives in the Halemaʻumaʻu crater of Kīlauea on the Big island of Hawaii. OBAMA'S CONNECTION TO PELE! Obama is connected to the Hawaiian Islands because he was born in Honolulu. He is also connected to Jupiter because he has Jupiter conjunct Saturn in his chart. See: The Hawaiian myth of Madame Pele is explained at: See: DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME Daylight saving time ends Sunday, November 7th at 2:00 AM bringing us longer winter nights. Please see fall equinox astrological chart attached for your information. Best, Antot Masuka 

PS: According to HAWAIIAN VOLCANO OBSERVATORY DAILY UPDATE at Tuesday, September 21, 2010 7:32 AM HST (Tuesday, September 21, 2010 17:32 UTC): KILAUEA VOLCANO Current Volcano Alert Level: WATCH; Current Aviation Color Code: ORANGE. See: According to this report: "Activity Summary for past 24 hours: DI inflation was ongoing while Kilauea eruptive activity continued at two locations. In the east rift zone, lava flowed from the TEB vent through tubes to feed one ocean entry and no surface flows. The summit eruptive vent within Halema`uma`u Crater hosted an active lava pond that produced red glow visible from the Jaggar Museum overnight. Sulfur dioxide emission rates from the summit and east rift zone vents remained elevated. Past 24 hours at Kilauea summit: The summit tiltmeter network recorded continued DI inflation. The network of GPS receivers recorded overall extension across the summit, focused in the south caldera, since early March, 2010, with an abrupt 1 cm extension in early September followed by neither extension or contraction. One earthquake was strong enough to be located beneath Kilauea volcano on south flank faults. The crusted and circulating lava surface at the bottom of the deep collapse pit inset in the southeast edge of Halema`uma`u Crater has been stable at around 160 m (525 ft) below the Halema`uma`u Crater floor. 

Seismic tremor levels remained elevated and variable. The lava lit up the gas plume and, when weather permitted, the glow was visible from the Jaggar Museum Overlook overnight. The summit gas plume was robust and moving to the southwest this morning. The most recent (preliminary) sulfur dioxide emission rate measurement was 1,200 tonnes/day on September 17, still elevated above the 2003-2007 (pre-summit eruption) average of 140 tonnes/day. Small amounts of ash-sized tephra continued to be wafted up with the gas plume and deposited on nearby surfaces." Source: USGS:

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Antot Masuka 

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Predicted Recent Earthquake 4 Years Before It Occurred

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