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Witnessed the bodies of their loved ones under the rubble, in Duanbicanyuan survived the earthquake survivors ... ... how to get rid of the memories of terror and mourning lost loved ones? How do they build confidence and hope to start a new life? Guangzhou Medical expert analysis, on the disaster, the priority is to save lives and prevent the occurrence of the epidemic, but also the psychological make up relief efforts to minimize the injuries caused by secondary disasters.

24 hours after the earthquake, the rescue should be initiated psychological
"Easy to save the body, heart disease refractory! Began 24 hours after the disaster is the best time for psychological relief." Vice president of Guangzhou Brain Hospital, Guangzhou Psychological Crisis Research and Intervention Centre Jie pointed out that the great earthquake devastating not only in the threat to the safety of people's lives and material losses, the more profound the impact of the long-term performance of the victims of psychological and spiritual. In particular, victims of the immersive, the earthquake scenes of terror, a strong earthquake shock and grief after the loss of their loved ones will make it in a non-normal state of mind, if not treated, comprehensive disaster prone sign of a serious impact later in life.

Jie introduced mental hospital rescue team has been assembled, stand to Sichuan disaster area.
Victims of negative emotions may be a few years unhealed
Tangshan earthquake according to the social recovery and social issues related to research, victims after the earthquake prone as psychological and mental problems:

The day after the earthquake, people are needed in the material and psychological help, in the later period of time, material needs are easily met, psychological rescue mission more difficult.

Victims resulting depression, sadness, fear and other negative emotions, when the strongest earthquake just happened, until a month after the earthquake, only gradually calm down, there will be several years healing of individual victims.

Friends and relatives in the earthquake disaster in the face death in the event of disaster victims, the psychological pressure a long time if not eliminate, the lack of family, family care and support, can cause hormone secretion disorders, decreased immune function and a series of physiological responses, and subsequently diseases.

Earthquake victims in the mental cognitive disorders, prone to herd mentality, on the earthquake rumors, rumors and more inclined to believe or dubious, some of the victims will appear hedge away from home, go out to flee, mood swings and other abnormal reactions.

Bereaved parents and young people will become the focus of intervention
According to Guangdong Provincial Institute of Mental Health, JIA Fu-jun, the current focus of psychological intervention among young people and parents. Many school buildings in the earthquake affected areas collapsed, due to earthquake is the class time, many students were crushed under the ruins of dead or alive, lucky to escape a difficult child in the interview were all on the scene showed the fear that the psychological .

"Disaster, young people fear, helplessness, more strongly than adults, the wounds in their hearts more years, but the time for psychological intervention, the result is also better than adults." JIA Fu-jun said experienced a disaster of a child will show indifference, very quiet, refuse and acquaintances to get along with parents of children killed is very inferior performance.

15% victims of post-traumatic stress disorder occur
How to do this post-disaster psychological relief effort to help survivors from the emotional ride out the storm, Li Jie makes the following recommendations:

An objective assessment: The earthquake, disaster victims will not only occur in the sad mood may also be significant for depression, anxiety and even trigger post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental problems. Therefore, it is necessary to promptly dispatched rescue teams rushed to the scene of psychological support to the victims to assess the mental health field.

Psychological comfort: Psychological rescue team rushed to comfort survivors of disaster in a timely manner the work of the emotional distress they have released some catharsis.

Social support: social support will significantly help reduce the shock after the mental health problems. Some studies show that nearly 90% of adults experienced at least one traumatic event, but only 15% of the affected population of post-traumatic stress disorder there, here played an important role of social support.

Establish a sense of hope: through effective psychological counseling, psychological comfort and social support, and gradually establish survivors face the reality of the courage and confidence to enable them to escape the shadow of the earthquake and restore pre-disaster level of social function.

Fear of group psychological problems occur
"Psychological problems after the earthquake is more frightening than the earthquake itself." For the earthquake yesterday, Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital Mental specialist Yang Hailong remind reconstruction, do not forget to rebuild the victims "spiritual home", quake left them out of pain and psychological shadow.

Yang Hailong said suddenly blow in life, it is easy to induce victims of "post traumatic stress disorder." Post-traumatic stress disorder prone to four types of symptoms, one emotional tension, fear, anxiety, unable to extricate itself from fear; Second, avoid, reluctant to talk about earthquakes, or even unwilling to interact with others, being caught in autistic ; Third, memory impairment, memory loss occurs because of fear, soul has been hit hard. The last one is having nightmares at night and repeatedly doing the nightmare associated with earthquakes, continue to be awakened, if serious, and may even suffer from serious mental illness.
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Experts: Social Support Can Reduce Psychological Problems After The Earthquake - Earthquake,

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