Earthquakes: Impacts and Relief

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Earthquakes with their huge impacts on the social and economic abilities of an area need influences everyday acitvities, not mention to human lives. Therefore, efforts to decrease the loss caused by earthquakes are vital to help reduce stress, anxiety and trauma among people.


Earthquake relief efforts are available and put into motion once it is safe for them to act. Trained professionals work hard to provide people with a safe place to stay, treat their injuries, provide food, and help them locate other family members. In many cases, financial assistance may be allocated as well. Most of the people involved in such efforts are trained volunteers who truly love being able to come to the need of those who have been effected.


The American Red Cross and the Salvation Army are providers of relief for many issues, including earthquakes. They come in to provide all of the above items including blankets, pillows, medication, and clothing. They even bring stuffed animals and other gifts for the children to help relieve their anxiety. Both organizations assist with worldwide earthquake relief efforts. They are non-profit organizations that rely on donations and volunteers to meet the needs of earthquake victims.


FEMA, short for Federal Emergency Management Agency, are designated to assist in times when an earthquake environment has been declared a Federal disaster area. They help provide the necessary services and equipment to those affected. They also work to get rebuilding efforts underway including restoring heating and power to the area. They also provide counseling and prevent looting and riots from taking place.


The Small Business Administration allocated very low interest loans for owners of small business entities who have been affected by an earthquake. They loans can be used for rebuilding, ordering merchandise, or any other business related matter.


Earthquakes can have a huge impact on the social and economic abilities of an area. Earthquake relief is essential in providing those affected with getting their basic needs met. These efforts also help to reduce stress, anxiety, and trauma from the event. Earthquake relief ensures families have their needs met and medical services are provided. They help locate family members and take the proper care with those who have perished. Without earthquake relief efforts it would be almost impossible for the areas hit by an earthquake to rebuild and recover.


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Earthquakes: Impacts and Relief

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This article was published on 2010/03/16
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