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"Wolong will never forget in my life where"?? Visit to the earthquake rescue of two British tourists

Even have left thousands of miles away in Chengdu to Beijing, sitting in front of the British tourist's Penny? Edward and Huang Ling recalled the afternoon of 12 occurred in Sichuan, China earthquake, still feeling lingering fear.

"We can sit here, itself is a miracle, when the earthquake occurs, the wind comes up, the earth was moving, we feel bound to once buried in the mountains, but we weathered the storm safely, It can not do without the Chinese government and local people to our assistance. "British-Chinese tourists 59-year-old Huang Ling said excitedly.

Penny and Huang Ling is the earthquake in Sichuan Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve, stranded the two members of a British tour, the tour group of 19 British tourists, who was at 12 o'clock on the 12th arrived in Wolong over . But on their arrival two hours later, 14:28, Wenchuan County in Sichuan 7.8 magnitude occurred in a major earthquake, but the epicenter of Wenchuan County is located just inside Wolong.

"Wolong will never forget in my life where, from earthquake to our rescued by helicopter, there are too many stories that moved me, I'm glad I can use the camera to record the hands of these memorable the lens, I hope these photos after returning home to tell my British friends, China and the Chinese people how great. "Penny said the camera firmly shaking hands.

Edge of death: 7 km of emergency evacuation
Camera in Penny and Huang Ling, the true record of the number of earthquake landslide, rocks flying scene. "We were visiting the panda ditch, holding a red panda Ling Huang, I was ready for her photo, suddenly winds up on the feeling, the tree began to shake violently, both sides of the cliffs, there have been flying under the stones." Penny said.

After the earthquake when the conscious, organized by the tour guide, Penny, and their team standing still not tamper with until the shaking stopped, then the organization of their staff, began outside the withdrawal.

Penny told us that when the door into the scenic fall of the mountain has been blocked, they at first from a very narrow line the walls above the walk, and then climb up the protected areas, staff set up the ladder to turn the blocked live gate, then dashed through a crumbling bridge finally came to a flat land.

Then tour the 19 tourists boarded a bus, decide to leave the hotel to 7 km away from the resident, because there is a more open parking lot, relatively more secure. "This is 7 km of withdrawal is really thrilling, slide down from the mountain stones from time to time, we do not know whether I can survive the landslide."

Fortunately, they and his party arrived safely in front of the hotel parking lot, they are seriously damaged the building structure, they decided to wait for rescue on board the bus.

In Penny's camera, the reporter also found a number of red pandas emergency evacuation of staff photos. Huang Ling told reporters, because red pandas still can not eat their own, protected area staff in organizing the evacuation of tourists also urgent to 14 red pandas moved to a wooden ticket booth in the entrance.

It is reported that the tourists were evacuated to 7 km away from the car park at the same time, protected areas, staff have to use large equipment, will be really tall ticket office moved to a risky vehicle, together with the 14 red pandas to the relative safety parking lot on the ground.
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British Tourists Rescued From The Earthquake: Never Forget The Scene - The Earthquake, The Wolong -

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British Tourists Rescued From The Earthquake: Never Forget The Scene - The Earthquake, The Wolong -

This article was published on 2011/01/28